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Our Govies

I am sitting here and listening to the History channel. It reminds how citizens are absolutely innnocent. Especially the poor ones. Nowever today the middle class can be placed in that innocense too. The only difference between the middle class and the poor today is education. If you are fortunate enough to realize you can borrow money to go to school after high school you are probably either middle class or on your way. Anyway my random thought of the day has to do with terror. The war on terror much like the war on drugs. Is a war that cannot be won. I support our soldiers and all military personnel. Non-comissioned officers and or AKA soldiers do not start wars they just follow orders. The officers in tje US military needs to wake up and advise the Persident that watr is not always the answer, What I am most dissapinted in is that our nation has been at war since it was quote on quote “discovered”. Even though I am not sure how you can claim something discovered when the land was already inhabited by other humans but what ever. Anyway my random thought is the terror groups out there need to realize that killing of innocent citizens who actually dont agreee with our gov. foriegn policy. Underswtand that when you strike against civilin targets you do nothing but fuel hate. Not to mention the dishonor of it. When I was child and I got into a fight it was frowned upon to fight your foe by surpirse. You looked into you opponents eye and you fought him face to face. You cannot win a fight when you hide. The war on terror is as senseless as terror itself. It has no honor.

random thoughts\ of the day.

If you are an Architect or Interior Architect or any form of Architectural technician you probably enjoy all of the automation Revit has to offer. However if you are a Technology Engineer/Designer or any variation of technology design engineer. Then you may not enjoy the inner workings of Revit as much.

Autodesk Revit has no version of the program that caters to in building technology design. Yes they have families that can be considered low voltage but they do not have the properties I would consider beneficial to the design team as a whole. I work for an AE firm and I design in building technolgy infrastructure and or technology systems. Project to project, client to client the situation is always unique. And dont get me started on Healthcare technology in building design. Lets just say Healthcare facilities and healthcare IT have no bearring of what it takes to produce a construction document set of drawings that a contractor can bid on. Dont get me wrong they have an idea. They just dont understand the over all process from start to finish from a Revit point of view. If they did undestand they may not be as high maintenance as they are today. However not all healthcare clients are hard to work with. Just the majority of them. Now add all the bugs and glitches in Revit when you add customized fanilies and you have your self a nightmare.

Ok enough about that… When we were using AutoCAD to produce the same exact end product we made profits on most projects. Not all but most. That is because nothing is perfect. I am not even implying Revit is a poor product. What I am saying is it is not ready for Technology design. The reason we saw higher profit is because we had already standardized on layers, blocks etc. In Revit we are re-creating the wheel to be able to incorporate what we were doing in AutoCAD. The time it takes to operate Revit vs. AutoCAD is astronomical in comparison to regeneration delay. Yes if an AutoCAD file is set up poorly you can experience very long regeneration delay. However in Revit if your file is simply large due to the amount of information your model has to generate it can be set up properly but still have a very long regeneration delay. That delay is worse if the Revit model is set up poorly.

Until Autodesk develops a version of Revit tailored to low-voltage design it is a mistake to use it on a large project. Especially if that project has an aggressive deadline schedule.

Now with all that said both programs can be utilized for a successful project. The following will hopefull point out why.

The low voltage/technology designer can help the Architect out by placing symbols in identified rooms and spaces that need to be Elevated for detailing purposes. In other words the technology designer uses the exported backgrounds to layout the entire plan but, only places families in Revit in areas identified by the archtiect or interior designer. This however takes coordination. Coordination should be happening anyway and I believe this process would actually promote that coordination between the technology, MEP and Architecture teams.

Low-voltage design incorporates a ton of 2D diagrams to illustrate system connection and to identify cable types and all equipment the cabling connects to. This is not easily done inside of Revit. Becasue technolgy design is diagram heavy Revit is not a suitable solution for this. Yes you can draw a diagram in just about any program you wish to. AutoCAD’s famous layering makes drawing diagrams a breeze. Diagrams are unique project to project, client to client. And yes you can import them into Revit. However I would only point out why I am writing about this. When it comes to the building itself the program has too many bugs and glitches when you add your own customized families. Also when you are dealing with worksets with multiple disciplines within technology design mistakes happen more freqently within Revit. Time spent coordinating what workset is on which floor plan type has proven to be tedious. That means tedious and time consuming at project set up and project delivery. When you have 4 or more multi-discipine designers inside one Revit model mistakes happen. Lets face it until we replace humans with cyborg AI designers mistakes will always happen. The human element is the limit in which all programs can fail to be productive. Expecially those programs not designed to perform certain tasks.

Random thought of the day.

You, me and America

This is a random thought about you, me and America. When I was growing up in the late 70’s, 80’s and 90’s. America seemed like the luckiest place to be born in the world. However then rolled in the new millenium. And to the present day woes of poor and middle America. The top 1% doing everything they can to make sure they are the only people who prosper in America. All a long feeding this notion that me and you can someday be like them in America.

Well I believe that it is time for you, me and America to stop trying to become wealthy and start pursuing happiness. I read an article about a man who only makes $30K a year. He found his happiness, his home and his favorite car. How did he do this? He looked at what he had and made the best of it. He purchased a home that needed work and he fixed it up slowly but surely. It didnt happen over night but now he has his nice house. He searched and found his favorite car for a price he could afford. My point here is that whether your poor or you are middle class. If you live with in your means you can have the things you want. It will take hard work but it can be done. What the poor and middle class should start doing in their own neighborhoods is take a page from history. Take the Irish immigrants that came to America to escape the potato famine. They were not welcomed by the then modern Amercian. they were not allowed to work for the same wages as other white people. They lived in slums and made less than a dollar a week. From age 7-8 they worked in coal mines and had a life expectancy of 17-20 years old. The Irish decided to take care of each other inside those slums. Over time this mentality took them out of the slums and eventually out of poverty. But before that happened they were treated like dogs. They were not equal in America. But they stuck together and helped each other out of the hole America placed them in right off the boat. Today for whatever reason it is socially acceptable to make fun of Irish heritage and it is also socially acceptable to disregard the hard ship these people endured in the early days of this country. There is a documentary called Born Fighting. It profiles the Scott’s Irish. These people helped fight for our freedoms and helped build the early infrastructure we enjoy and take for granted of today. The point here is history about who we are is stolen from us every day.

It is time for you and me to voice our demand for equality. Down with the mentallity that being rich is the only way out. Turn to your neighbors and befriend them. Share your wealth inside your community so that we no longer have to cater to the rich. Stop listening to the hype that the banks feed us that we have to finance our needs. Save your money while you rent so that when you are in a place to actually afford to own you actually can.

That is my random thought of the day.

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